How to track SEO Data

There are many tools on the internet that can help you track your seo optimisation results. But, when it comes to displaying the data in a convenient way, the problem appears. I will share the matrix that I use to track seo results and explain why it is handy to use this particular matrix.
Create a new Excel spreadsheet. First column will be the date, other columns are reserved for keywords. If you have many keywords (more than 5-6), you have two options: 1) If you like scrolling, just fix the date column and add as many seo keyword columns as you want or 2) Split keywords in groups and create spreadsheet for each of them. The second method is good to use when you have many keywords which can be grouped in categories according to some criteria. For example, you want to use geo-specific keywords for two types of products you sell.Search optimization
You would put “Car types London” and “Car tyres Paris” into one group, and “Car lights London” nad “Car lights Paris” into another group. Next question is, why track the date? Google won’t change your ranking immediately – you’ll have to wait until it crawls and indexes your pages again. This fact makes tracking seo results much more complicated. Results cannot be checked right away.
Also, they must be checked periodically. The positions for each keyword are written in the matrix. My advice is to check only up to 5 pages and if your website is not there, write an “/” in the matrix. This way you can track the progress and see which actions led to improvements in rating. Also, it helps you predict the time frame for your seo optimisation process.
There is one more problem with seo results matrix – displaying results for more than one Google domain. The solution is to either write a slash between results in one field or to create separate Excel documents for each Google domain you want to check. Matrix image is shown below. Good luck with your work!   Add commentJCommentsLatest articlesMost popularRSS feeds Internet marketiing Latest articles SEO Web designConseo is a blog about SEO optimization, internet marketing and web design and programming written by SEO and web design experts. Our goal is to share our experience with other people and help them save time and learn something new while developing. We also encourage you to leave comments, we can also learn something from you that way.Services: SEO Analysis Keyword research On-site SEO Link building SEO all inclusive SEO maintenancecontact us

Thousands of People Honor Virginia Officer

9986395_GAshley Guindon has joined her police job and on the same day, she was shot dead. It was an unexpected incident. She was killed on the first day of her job. Ashley Guindon is 28-years-old. She died on Saturday along with other two police officers of Prince William County. Thousands of people have come to know about this incident, and they came forward to honor Ashley Guindon. They were killed when they are investigating a case.

About twenty miles from Washington South, a domestic disturbance case was recorded. There was a domestic disturbance in a home located at Woodbridge. The police officers went to investigate the case, and they visited the house directly. Suddenly, a gunman from the entrance of the house killed all the three police officers.

Ashley Guindon was rushed to nearby hospital. She died at the hospital. The other two police officers were deeply wounded and given treatment. Ronald W. Hamilton, who is 32-years-old, is the suspect. The police officers told that he had killed his wife before the police officers entered the scene. He was detained on murder charges.

1456639338294_462910_ver1.0In the United States of America, it has become common for the officers to die while serving or in the line of duty. Since January 01, 2016, Ashley Guindon is the eleventh officer to die by the suspect’s gunfire. She is the recent police officer died in the country while on duty. There has been a significant increase of death happening due to a gunshot in the last one year. The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund announced that such incidences have become common in the country especially in the recent years.

On Tuesday night, another police officer was shot is Euless, Texas. It has happened between Fort Worth and Dallas.

The police officers with uniforms assembled at the chapel on Tuesday. They represented the departments that are far away like New Hampshire and New York since police officer Ashley Guindon were grown up there. The police officers lined the entrance on horseback to the church ground. When the service ended, officer Ashley Guindon’s colleagues and other officers stood attention to her body, and it was taken in a dark hearse.

CcjiBnYWAAI2f8HA music band was wearing Scottish Highland dress was seen on the church ground. They played hymns on drums and bagpipe. Police officer Ashley Guindon was given great respect and honor to remark her death. An American flag was hoisted when two fire engines shot to honor her.

While speaking during the service, Prince William County Police Department Chief – Steve Hudson told that officer Ashley Guindon has devoted her life to people. He added that she had achieved more in just twenty-eight years which he could do when he was one hundred years.

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