The Importance of Electrical Surge Protectors

The Importance of Electrical Surge Protectors

There’s nothing worse than having all of your technology fried from a lightning strike or other sudden surge in electricity. An extreme surge in electricity can lead to damaged televisions, computers, phones, and video gaming systems.

Depending upon how you connect all of your technology, lightning can travel through different wires in your home or office and affect anything plugged into those wires. Electrical fires may also start from wires that receive a sudden surge in power.electricians san antonio

With the right surge protection installed by a commercial electrician, you can safeguard your technology and gadgets from being prematurely damaged by an electrical surge.

Power Strips or Surge Protectors

One mistake some people make is assuming that a power strip is also a surge protector. A power strip is merely a device that allows you to plug multiple wires into one PowerPoint.

There are no guarantees that your technology is safe when plugged into a power strip. A surge protector is designed to absorb a surge in electricity rather than allowing the surge to damage the wires.

When purchasing a surge protector, you must ensure that it is, in fact, meant to protect your gadgets and not just a strip for multiple power points.

Number of Ports and Electrical Absorption

When purchasing surge protectors, make sure you get ones that have the proper number of ports. It’s never a good idea to stack, or daisy chain, your surge protectors by plugging multiple cords into one port.

Invest in surge protectors that have the number of ports you need. You can find surge protectors with up to 12 ports. If you’re not sure which protector is best, speak with a certified commercial electrician in  who can recommend the best products for your needs.

Surge Protectors Absorption Rate

The next component you need to pay attention to is the absorption rate of your surge protectors. This is how many joules the protector will absorb during a surge.The clamping voltage is how soon the protector will kick in when it feels a jolt of electricity.

Both components are important to the function of surge protectors. Each surge protector is made differently, so always look at the specs on the box before making a purchase.

If buying surge protectors for your business, it may be best to work with an electrician who can assess your current electrical needs and determine the best brand and type of protector for your technology.

Remember the importance of electrical surge protectors and that it’s more expensive to replace technology than it is to invest in the best surge protection.

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Estate Sale Company – Estate Liquidators

Estate Sale Company – Estate Liquidators

eBay is one of the oldest and still the most popular online auction site, with millions of transactions being conducted daily. It’s hard to beat the wide selection of products and the potential to get them at low prices.

The whole auctioning process on eBay has been refined over the past few years and has gone through many changes, which in a way has made it complicated. But at the same time, it is robust enough to help you get a higher response for your eBay estate sale auctions with the added features. Many eBay marketers make thousands of dollars each month. The key to this kind of success lies in consistency and knowing how to optimize your estate sale auctions properly.
Many times an eBay seller will be sure about the success of the item he/she is selling; this is the time when you should try and set the auctions low to attract more bidders. When you let people bid low for a hot product, it will attract more buyers and the selling price will often end up being very high.

However, don’t go about starting the bids at below $1 because the buyers may think that your product is not genuine or is of low quality. Another advantage to starting your item at a low price is that your listing will then appear when people do searches for the lowest price auctions.

The layout of your estate sale auctions can contribute a great deal to your results, which is why knowing the basics of HTML can go a long way on eBay. This way you wouldn’t need to look for any outside help when working on your auction listings. When you know how to change the font color by using HTML code, you can easily make it any color you want. HTML codes for color aren’t hard to find, and you can find them by doing a Google search. Many eBay sellers ignore this and don’t realize how much it limits their success. It’s a good idea, therefore, to familiarize yourself with HTML as soon as possible.

Buyers rely a great deal on photos when they study estate sale auction listings, so make sure you use clear and natural-looking ones for the items you list. If you can take your own photographs of the product rather than relying on the manufacturers, this is preferable because it conveys to buyers that you’re an individual rather than just a company. Anyone buying your product would want to get the “feel” of it before investing any money, and having the right kind of photograph can bring in a world of difference to your auction and help you get more bids. So when you run estate sale auctions on eBay, it’s important to pay attention to the rules we’ve covered here.

Your main goal in estate sale auction optimization is making it simple for buyers to find the products you’re selling so your estate sale auctions get more action. When you set up your auctions, remember that every detail counts and every factor that you optimize can mean more bidders for your items.
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Did They Cancel Your Car Insurance Policy

There will come a time that an insurance holder will be surprised that the car insurance company will just cancel their current policy or the policy was not renewed. If you think that this is your case, then read on to know the details that can be of help to you. 


Just in case that your car insurance company suddenly canceled your insurance while the policy is already effective for more than 60 days, here are the four common reasons why the companies do such action. 

• The driver’s license was either suspended or revoked. 
• The monthly premium was already due. 
• The car insurance company may have found out that you committed fraud or they just believe that you did. 
• There are false details that were included in the application. 

However, if you do not think any of these possible reasons suit you, you must immediately call your agent or the car insurance company directly and ask why your policy has already been canceled. By the time that they already told you the reason, then you start to think whether you would still get car insurance from them or not. car insurance


The insurance company will usually give you a notification that your policy has not been renewed. The non-renewal of the car insurance policy can be done by the insurance company or the policyholder. If in case you got the notification, yet you did not issue a non-renewal of your insurance, you might have overlooked some mail from the insurance company giving you an explanation or a warning. But still, you can always call the insurance company so you can ask for some explanation regarding this matter. There are times that insurance companies can have an unfair reason. As a consumer, you can call the department of insurance in your local state so you can file for a consumer complaint. 


By the time that you already know the reasons or the explanations of the insurance company as to why they canceled your policy or they did not renew your policy, start doing something. You may now shop around for a new car insurance company that will offer the same policies and auto insurance quotes that you need. There is now a wide array of companies that would surely love to have you as their customer. Take your time to compare car insurance quotes to get the best car insurance deal around. Some websites would only require you to fill in all the essential details about yourself. Afterward, you can get as many as five car insurance quotes from various vehicle insurance companies who want clients just like you. Do not worry. The details will be kept private and will remain so. It will help you to shop around for car insurance quotes and compare them side by side.
These online car insurance quote services are usually fast and very reliable. What’s best about that is that you do not have to pay them anything at all!

What To Do Next
Once you know for sure your current auto insurance policy is being canceled or not renewed, it is a good idea to start shopping around for new car insurance. Our service allows you to enter your information once and get up to five car insurance quotes from different insurance companies that will compete for your business. Our service is fast, easy and always free. Just fill out the free online information. More on this website @