Eva Amurri Martino fires nanny

08b6e8279f5dc81b4e12621f7068e412Nanny or baby caretaker is common in all homes who have kids. If both the mom and dad is working, they will hire a nanny to take care of their child. Hiring a nanny or caretaker is not unusual. You have to recruit a right person since your child is going to spend most of their time with them. If you are choosing a wrong person, there are chances to see a lot of changes in your child. Eva Amurri Martino is the daughter of Susan Sarandon and Franco Amurri. She was born in the great New York City.

Eva Martino Amurri is a popular American actress. She was married to Kyle Martino. She has a daughter, and her daughter is taken care by a nanny. She had recently written an awkward experience in her blog. It reveals how odd and trashy caretaker she had hired.

Eva Martino Amurri has gone for the 24-hour business trip, and while she was returning, she came across a shocking news. She has gone to New York City and was on her back home. She rang up to her husband and asked whether everything is fine. She had also asked about her daughter Marlowe. Her daughter was left under the care of a nanny.

Her husband sounded cool, and he had told her not to panic. She had some doubts on her nanny and immediately fired her out while she came back home.

Eva Martino Amurri has received an odd text message that made her think wrong about her husband. When asked about the text message to the caretaker told that she has sent it wrong. It was not a usual kind of message to take this decision.

Eva Martino Amurri told that she was happy that nothing odd had happened in her family. She has doubted that the nanny is dating her husband. She seemed to be totally broken when she received the message. She added in the blog that she is happy since she had come to know about the real face of a nanny. She would no longer hire childcare. Though it is a worse experience, she had learned a good lesson. She told that she is feeling grateful and the good relationship with her husband.

Eva Martino Amurri is residing in Pound Ridge, New York. She was married to a famous soccer player. Though the story is trashy, it has taught a good lesson to people who depend on nannies.