Teacher resigns since her Pupil Steal Nude Photo

teacherrrrrMobile phones are meant only for talking and messaging. If it is used for other purposes like photography, ticket booking, saving personal details, then it should be kept in a preserved and careful manner. One of the teachers working in a South Carolina school has resigned her job stating that her student has robbed her photo from her mobile phone. It is not a normal photo, but it is a nude photo of the teacher. The student did not stop with robbing but have posted and share the photo with friends and social media. The student has done through text. It was revealed by the officials on Monday.

Leigh Anne Arthur was working as a teacher for about thirteen years in the district. She was working as a teacher at the Union County Career and Technology Center. She told that she had clicked the picture for her husband. Leigh Anne Arthur told the news reporters that the student who took her phone and robbed the pictures has told her ‘your day of computation is nearing.’

19871452-mmmainThe student has taken the picture from her phone and behaved badly to her. The student’s name was not revealed in media or paper. The incident had happened on February 19, 2016. David Eubanks interim superintendent told that Leigh Anne Arthur should have locked her phone and kept in secret.

Eubanks added that everyone require a lot of privacy, and when you take inappropriate pictures or information, you have to maintain in a private manner. It should be preserved well just for the sake of your goodness. As Leigh Anne Arthur has complained on a minor student, it is not known whether charges would be taken.

She was monitoring the hall, and a student of her classroom took her phone while she had left on the desk. The student had seen and shared the nude pictures which she had saved for her husband.

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