Olivia Munn Explains Why her Face has Changed

The 41st Annual People's Choice Awards - Press RoomOlivia Munn is a popular American model, actress, author and television personality. During her early career, her name was Lisa Munn. After 2006, she started to use ‘Olivia Munn’ as her name for both professional and personal purpose.

Before starting her career as an actress, she worked in television journalism. She has acted in television series and also in several films. She has even acted opposite Johnny Depp in the movie Mortdecal.

On Tuesday, it was reported that Olivia Munn looked different from her original looks. It was clearly seen in the Instagram. When asked to her directly, she gave a clear explanation of her changes. She told that she loves to do a lot of research work before taking anything or doing anything to her skin.

She wants to prevent her skin from aging, and she has done sufficient research work regarding that issue. When you compare a picture of Olivia Munn that was taken one year ago with another picture taken recently, you will find a lot of changes. Moreover, you will also find that Olivia Munn is looking more beautiful and glamorous than her old picture.

She has shared some beauty secrets to maintaining healthy skin.

She told that when she was training for Xmen, she lost around 12 pounds. She added that she did not work out regularly to lose but exercised a few times in a week. The major changes in her face were due to her overall body weight loss. It has leaned her jawline and cheeks. Working out and exercising is good for your overall body and skin. It improves the blood flow to the face and helps in rejuvenation.

She also revealed that she does not seek any person’s assistance for shaping her eyebrows. She does on own. She had altered the shapes in such a way to make them look like a frown. The horizontal angle eyebrows had helped her to brighten her eyes.

She always focuses on reducing suntan and sun spots. She uses Proactive Mark Fading Pads for reducing the sunspots. Her final advice remains useful for all ages of people. Japanese potatoes are rich in Hyaluronic acid, and she uses it to keep her wrinkles away. She adds that it is best to eat with other foods to absorb the nutrients naturally.

Olivia Munn was spotted with an engagement ring. When asked about it, she told that she felt her finger swollen, and so she had put it on her left hand.