Metal Firm Owner Detained for Sending Powder

1456930543iran-missileAn International metallurgical company head was arrested since he has been sending specializing power to Iran. The specialized powder is meant to use for missiles. It can be used for building missiles and in aerospace. It was revealed by the Federal prosecutors on Tuesday.

Global Metallurgy LLC is said to obtain more than one thousand pounds of cobalt and nickel metallic powder. Along with Erdal Kuyumcu, few other members were involved in this export. It was sent without approval from the federal agency. The prosecutor that it should have been sent with approval and as it does not have any approval, they have to be arrested.

The prosecutors added that the metal powder is employed as a thermal spray. It helps in safeguarding surfaces contrary to erosion at high temperatures. The powder also seems to contain some nuclear applications.

Erdal Kuyumcu has exported the powder twice via Turkey to Iran. He has not obtained export control license. While exporting such metals or powder, it is mandatory to export with a valid license. It was found that Erdal Kuyumcu and others were using coding languages. They are calling Iran as their neighbor. They have discussed themselves and send the powder without a license. On Tuesday, the court papers against Erdal Kuyumcu and other officials were sealed because of sending powder without legal permission.

It is said that there are chances for Erdal Kuyumcu to face twenty years in jail. He belongs to New York. He is 44-years-old. He appeared at the Federal Court on Tuesday. He was laid in home detention. The prosecutors told that he was ordered to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet. Erdal Kuyumcu’s attorney was not present to answer. He did not respond to the comment and did not return the email immediately.

Global Metallurgy website states that company is a leading provider of special metal products, supply chain solutions, and services.