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Overview: Termites consist of thousands of different species of insects that feed on dead organic material. They most commonly feed on wood, and they are most widely known for causing structural damage to wooden buildings and also causing significant harm to crops and other forms of vegetation. San Antonio Pest Control - termites

Latin Name: Part of the Termitoidae family

Description: Termites are only distantly related to ants, but share many similarities. Termites are often confused with flying ants because they look very similar to one another. Both are brown in color, approximately one centimeter in length, and have long slender bodies, large wings, three pairs of legs, and antennae. However, unlike the ant, the termite does not have an abdomen, the head is more round, and the antennae are straight instead of bowed. Also like the ant, termites live in large colonies where they operate within a hierarchical system. There are workers, soldiers, and queen termites. However, the duties of a termite are different from the ant. The termite’s role in nature is to work within their colonies to destroy and break down organic material. Termites are one of the most reviled and feared types of pests because they are capable of causing large amounts of costly damage. These insects are able to do so much damage because they can infest and multiply within a crop or a home to very large sizes before they are ever detected. If regular termites inspections or preventive measures are not in place, termites can cause widespread structural destruction before they are noticed. These insects tend to thrive in warmer climates and are most active in North America during springtime. However, as there are roughly 3,000 different species of termite, there are varieties that can live and grow in nearly any region. The different types of termites will live in different materials and feed on different sources. There are subterranean termites that prefer to live in mounds of soil, while there are other species that will live inside the drywall of a building, destroying the structure from the inside out. These pests can obviously cause major problems for humans.

How to Get Rid of Termites with Termite Treatment Procedures: Termite infestations can understandably be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Fortunately, there are ways to eradicate the termites before they are able to do more damage to the structure. As soon as you see evidence of termite damage, it is important to, in extreme infestations, consult a professional to give direction and assistance. Extreme infestations can require extensive treatments.pest control

Killing Existing Termites

Pest control specialists can treat the wood on and around the areas where termites are active in order to kill the present infestations. Baiting Termites – Killing the existing termites alone may not be enough if more termites are arriving all the time. This is when termite bait can be used in order to draw the rest of the colony away from the house. These termite treatment techniques have been used to remove and prevent termites for many years in regions all over the world.

Ways to Prevent Termite Infestations

Whether you have experienced termite infestations in the past, your neighbors have struggled with these pests, or if you simply want to be safe, there are many ways to reduce the risk that an infestation will occur. These include:

Make Your Property Less Appealing. Termites feed on wood and other organic materials. While you may not be able to completely remove these items from your home, you can make it harder for termites to find food sources. These termite control methods can be as simple as clearing away debris from the foundation of the house and storing firewood far from the home.

Stay Dry. These insects are naturally attracted to moist areas. To protect your home, check for drainage issues outside the house, and leaks inside the home. When it rains, check to ensure that water is flowing away from the property and not pooling around the base of the structure. Inside the house, identify and repair any leaks within pipes and faucets. It can also help to keep the entire house well ventilated, especially basements and attics. Termites are attracted to homes that have a large supply of moist wood and other damp organic material.

For regular termite control, use our green pest control products twice a year for maintenance to treat and repel potential termite issues.

The Importance of Electrical Surge Protectors

The Importance of Electrical Surge Protectors

There’s nothing worse than having all of your technology fried from a lightning strike or other sudden surge in electricity. An extreme surge in electricity can lead to damaged televisions, computers, phones, and video gaming systems.

Depending upon how you connect all of your technology, lightning can travel through different wires in your home or office and affect anything plugged into those wires. Electrical fires may also start from wires that receive a sudden surge in power.electricians san antonio

With the right surge protection installed by a commercial electrician, you can safeguard your technology and gadgets from being prematurely damaged by an electrical surge.

Power Strips or Surge Protectors

One mistake some people make is assuming that a power strip is also a surge protector. A power strip is merely a device that allows you to plug multiple wires into one PowerPoint.

There are no guarantees that your technology is safe when plugged into a power strip. A surge protector is designed to absorb a surge in electricity rather than allowing the surge to damage the wires.

When purchasing a surge protector, you must ensure that it is, in fact, meant to protect your gadgets and not just a strip for multiple power points.

Number of Ports and Electrical Absorption

When purchasing surge protectors, make sure you get ones that have the proper number of ports. It’s never a good idea to stack, or daisy chain, your surge protectors by plugging multiple cords into one port.

Invest in surge protectors that have the number of ports you need. You can find surge protectors with up to 12 ports. If you’re not sure which protector is best, speak with a certified commercial electrician in  who can recommend the best products for your needs.

Surge Protectors Absorption Rate

The next component you need to pay attention to is the absorption rate of your surge protectors. This is how many joules the protector will absorb during a surge.The clamping voltage is how soon the protector will kick in when it feels a jolt of electricity.

Both components are important to the function of surge protectors. Each surge protector is made differently, so always look at the specs on the box before making a purchase.

If buying surge protectors for your business, it may be best to work with an electrician who can assess your current electrical needs and determine the best brand and type of protector for your technology.

Remember the importance of electrical surge protectors and that it’s more expensive to replace technology than it is to invest in the best surge protection.

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Estate Sale Company – Estate Liquidators

Estate Sale Company – Estate Liquidators

eBay is one of the oldest and still the most popular online auction site, with millions of transactions being conducted daily. It’s hard to beat the wide selection of products and the potential to get them at low prices.

The whole auctioning process on eBay has been refined over the past few years and has gone through many changes, which in a way has made it complicated. But at the same time, it is robust enough to help you get a higher response for your eBay estate sale auctions with the added features. Many eBay marketers make thousands of dollars each month. The key to this kind of success lies in consistency and knowing how to optimize your estate sale auctions properly.
Many times an eBay seller will be sure about the success of the item he/she is selling; this is the time when you should try and set the auctions low to attract more bidders. When you let people bid low for a hot product, it will attract more buyers and the selling price will often end up being very high.

However, don’t go about starting the bids at below $1 because the buyers may think that your product is not genuine or is of low quality. Another advantage to starting your item at a low price is that your listing will then appear when people do searches for the lowest price auctions.

The layout of your estate sale auctions can contribute a great deal to your results, which is why knowing the basics of HTML can go a long way on eBay. This way you wouldn’t need to look for any outside help when working on your auction listings. When you know how to change the font color by using HTML code, you can easily make it any color you want. HTML codes for color aren’t hard to find, and you can find them by doing a Google search. Many eBay sellers ignore this and don’t realize how much it limits their success. It’s a good idea, therefore, to familiarize yourself with HTML as soon as possible.

Buyers rely a great deal on photos when they study estate sale auction listings, so make sure you use clear and natural-looking ones for the items you list. If you can take your own photographs of the product rather than relying on the manufacturers, this is preferable because it conveys to buyers that you’re an individual rather than just a company. Anyone buying your product would want to get the “feel” of it before investing any money, and having the right kind of photograph can bring in a world of difference to your auction and help you get more bids. So when you run estate sale auctions on eBay, it’s important to pay attention to the rules we’ve covered here.

Your main goal in estate sale auction optimization is making it simple for buyers to find the products you’re selling so your estate sale auctions get more action. When you set up your auctions, remember that every detail counts and every factor that you optimize can mean more bidders for your items.
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